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伊万里鍋島焼 瀬兵窯

Delft Imari Maru Plate (Large) 15cm

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This deep dish from Sebei Kiln is inspired by porcelain from the Delft Kiln in the Netherlands. The size is easy to stack and use.
※The larger one in the second photo is the 'Delft Imari round plate (large)'.

Delft Imari series

This product was released in 1997 as a commemorative gift for the establishment of the directly managed shop Tobako in Okawa-Uchiyama. Delft is a world-famous pottery produced in the city of Delft in the Netherlands from the 16th century. The clean design in blue tinting on white porcelain incorporates the tradition of Nabeshima Imari ware.
This blue-and-white, simple design, created using the techniques of the Sebei kiln and inspired by the pottery of the Delft kilns in the Netherlands, which have a tradition of several hundred years, is a popular item. Unfortunately, many kilns in the Dutch town of Delft have closed down, but Sebei Kiln continues to produce Delft Imari tableware with a Delft motif, with the hope that the refined and clean design of Delft pottery will be passed on to future generations along with the Imari pottery tradition.