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伊万里鍋島焼 瀬兵窯

Red-brushed  Masu-shaped bowl (small)

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size Side 7.2cm Height 4cm
dishwasher Yes
microwave Impossible

Red brush marks are drawn on the outside. You can use it as a small bowl with a shallow square shape.

hakeme series

"Red"is a tableware series in which a craftsman who has raised his concentration to the limit without hesitation draws a powerful pattern with a single stroke, leaving it to the momentum.

All the designs are hand-drawn, and each pattern is slightly different even for the same vessel. Its design has strength and vigor, and because it is overglazed with gold, it has gained popularity as a very auspicious tableware. .

The modern shape of the vessel is intentionally deformed, and the red and black color brush pattern is attached. In addition, the surface of the vessel has uneven carvings, so it is easy to hold and can be used safely by elderly people.

Please experience the dynamism and graceful design unique to handwriting, drawn one by one by a sophisticated craftsman with a large brush.
The Hakeme series is loved by customers as one of the most popular products that represent Seheyogama.