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伊万里鍋島焼 瀬兵窯

Pendant Magnifier JAPAN09 / Celadon

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サイズ 4.7cmx4.6cmx9mm
weight 22g
chain length 約75cm

Imariyaki porcelain pendant loupe.

Golden, also known as 'treasure tea'. The colour is close to gold because of the lame effect. The silver chain is connected with beads woven in a copper-coloured, beigeish-pearly and brown-transparent line.

The gently rounded form is made of a thinly carved fabric, which is then matted or glazed. The shimmering effect of the unique glaze formula is very special. The frame and chain are connected by braided beads in several colours. This is a unique pendant loupe that concentrates the hand and skill of the craftsman.

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