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伊万里鍋島焼 瀬兵窯

black-brushed long-horned rest

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size 12cm×2.4cm×8mm
dishwashing machine
microwave oven

Painted gold with black brushstrokes, it is sized to hold a knife, fork and chopsticks at the same time.

HAKEME(Brushstrokes) series

This is the 'Black' tableware series, in which the craftsman with extreme concentration has drawn a powerful pattern at once in a single stroke, without hesitation and with great vigour.
The designs are all hand-drawn and each pattern is slightly different, even on the same vessel. The designs have strength and vigour, and the gold over-glaze painting has made it popular as a very auspicious vessel, making it an easy-to-use tableware that goes well with any dish, Japanese or Western.
The modern shape of the bowls, with a daring deformation, has a brush pattern in red and black colours. The surface of the bowl has an uneven carved surface, which makes it easy to hold and use, even for elderly people.
Experience the dynamic and graceful designs that can only be achieved by hand, drawn one by one with a large brush by a sophisticated craftsman.
The Hakeme series is one of Sebei Kiln's most popular products and is loved by customers.